Sold my brain....

( the pictures are from 2 of my platforms that I use to collect payments-so add them ( Paypal & Selz Jan Paypal Sales Jan 1, 20181st ) Selz Jan 1st

Yes, I Sold My Brain for $9738.41 within 24 Hours…..Well, some of my brain that is. On Dec 31st through Jan 1st for 24 hours, I hosted a sale on some of my top and most sought after content-based digital products and action plans.

There are some really powerful lessons to be learned from this sale-and I’ll break them down for you.

You’re in business or an aspiring business owner if you’re reading the Women CEO Project blog, but you just may be one of the many business owners ( specifically women ) who has trouble with a. Asking for the sale b. Asking for your worth c. Being seen as a salesperson or a person who needs and wants business.

All of these are problems and detrimental to your business. I mean, if you don’t want to be seen as a business owner who has products and services to sell, then why are we here?

Another big problem, is that you don’t have anything to sell or you’re not confident in what you have to offer. This is a BIG hindrance to being in business and it has a lot to do with you being fearful. I mean-how can you be in business if there is nothing for sale, no way to pay you and you have no offers? How can you say you want to make xxx amount of dollars for the year and there isn’t much to buy on your site? How can you say you want to be successful if all you have to offer costs about $12 and you’re scared to even market that?

Ok, let’s fix it.

You need content. You need products. You need a way to service your clients without you having to always be present. Let me give you a few tips:

  1. Research your audience. Just because you want to create something does not mean that A. Your audience wants it. B. Your audience needs it. C. Your audience would be willing to pay for it. So, you must research. I know you are wondering “how” just how Kristi do I know what my audience wants? The very first thing that you need to do-and also IMG_0982 (1)one of the most efficient tasks is to simply ask them…

    1. Ask a question and poll your audience on an Instagram Story. Instagram has gotten fancy. You can not only poll your audience, you can also see EXACTLY who voted for what. So, after you see who voted, can’t you connect with them further via DM?

    2. Ask a poll question on Facebook and/or Twitter. Each of these social media platforms allows you to ask a question and get answers withIMG_0984out paying a dime. My favorite is Twitter. You can host a poll for up to 7 days, pin it to your profile and get feedback. The only thing is-you cannot see who voted for what- but you can surely get a consensus from your audience and even passerbys.

    3. Send an email to your database. Simply ask them. What do they want, what do they need, what are they having the most trouble with, what product of yours do they like the most and what would they add to it?

  2. Package Up Your Knowledge. I know you’ve seen this before and you still may be holding back from putting your thoughts, experiences, and skills out there. There is some fear in this. Once you put yourself out there as a teacher, expert, etc. you open yourself to someone trying to counter your base of knowledge. Now, as a Mastery level educated business consultant ( MBA ) you’d think I’d never get the counter opinions right? Wrong! What I can tell you is, that there will always be opinions on what you should be doing, teaching and charging for AND if you let these opinions hold you back from creating and building products based off your knowledge-you will NEVER build a thing. Especially not a business.

    1. What do you want to teach your audience? What is your skill set?

    2. What do you want them to learn?

Start with these 2 major questions and get to creating products that help take your clients from point A to point B.

  1. Understand Your Goal for Your Content. If you are creating just to create-this is an AWESOME exercise to help you waste time and possibly money in addition to making you frustrated. We’ve all done it-created products that no one wanted. Or, we’ve created a product with absolutely no sales or marketing goal for the product. We were determined to create an ebook on xxx without putting in the research or finding out from our audience if they even wanted or could use xxx. So, it’s important to understand the reason you are creating this content AND what you want the content to do for your business.

Are you creating the content to give folks an entry into a subject, or to give them the pre-work action steps they need before they work with you? What do you want them to do with the content? Where are you trying to lead them once they finish with this content? Some of the Women CEO Project products are to lead into a deeper, more detailed product. It’s important to set some solid goals for creating your products. So, before you start typing or writing or hiring a designer, determine 3-4 goals for each product that you want to create for your audience. This will save you TONS of time and heartache and give you direction for your product.

So these 3 tips are a start to get you on the right path when you are creating your content and trust me-creating content is one of the ways that your business can successfully and efficiently scale up. But there’s more action steps and strategies needed and I’m working with about 50 of you via an Online Class ( Webinar ) on Jan 30th from 7-9pm.

During this webinar, I will walk you through the:

Creation process

Pricing Strategy

Marketing Action Steps

Systems & Hosting Platforms

To join me in this Online Class and learn more, Click HERE  and we will plan this out together!

Good Luck CEOs!

Business Bundle 3

As requested, we’ve put together some of our BEST products into Business Bundles of products that can be BEST used together!!

So, here are the bundles AND the description of each product below!

Present, Promote & Sell Yourself as an Expert and the ReThink Strategy Guide ( regular is $158 together ) Bundle $115 Here 

Self-Publishing Execution Plan & the Strategic Marketing Execution Plan ( regular $79.98 together ) Bundle $50 Here

Think Big. Startup Small & the Master Strategy Planner ( regular $54.98 together ) Bundle $40 Here

Self-Publishing & Strategic Marketing Execution Plans & ReThink Strategy Guide ( regular $178.98 together ) $135 Here


ALL items are digital and ALL items can be purchased individually in our store here 




Present, Promote and Sell Yourself as an Expert is a 44 Page eGuide with over 200 links on just “How” to create your brand, your platform, and products to present you an expert in your industry-EVEN as a beginner. There are many additional resources, articles, templates, scripts and video lessons embedded within this eGuide.




Self-Publishing Execution Plan. This is one of our BEST Sellers with 39 pages that are laser focused on teaching you how to take that idea from your head to a plan, a book, then actually launched with a focus on your goals, profits and reaching your ideal reader. Screenshots, book budgeting spreadsheets, marketing planner and tips included.

This execution plan shows you Step-by-Step, how to Write, Self-Publish and Profit from your words, your lessons, your story or your knowledge.


Strategic Marketing Execution Plan. Nothing happens until you market it properly AND in front of the right customer. This 31 page digital execution plan brings you through the steps of understanding your goal for your projects THEN how to create a multi-channel marketing plan utilizing multiple platforms and modern strategies.


Marketing Execution Plan by Women CEO Project
Marketing Execution Plan by Women CEO Project


Think Big Startup Small

Think BIG. Startup Small. A 57 page comprehensive eguide on free to low cost online tools and included case studies for the modern entrepreneurs.




RT ebook-cover

ReThink Strategy Guide… This 84 is the deep dive into business strategy with full text, examples, embedded scripts and over 200 additional links, articles and videos. This entire guide was created to help you understand business strategy AND give you action steps to implement into your business TODAY.


Master Strategy Planner ( the digital version ). This 92 page book is our BEST seller with 9 chapters, 16 templates and step-by-step guidance on how to build a solid and strategic foundation in your business.


Master Strategy Planner
9 Chapters, 16 Templates on Building Key Business Foundations and Strategies
3 Part Webinar SeriesCreate & Launch

As I sit and prepare for my clients this week, I want to drop a truth on you that no one really talks about.


It’s hard, hard to dip in and out of cash flow as a full-time entrepreneur.


Everyone always talks about the freedom of entrepreneurship. And while that’s great, incomparable and totally exhilarating, it comes with a heavy price.

I have never experienced any other career that makes you feel quite bipolar ( happy one day= new client, and sad the very next day = someone gives you bad feedback)

It takes freaking nerves of steel, the ability to stop yourself from grinding your teeth with money anxiety, and the patience to wait out the nausea from wonder of how you will pay your bills and keep the business going.

You must stay in business long enough to learn how to create, how to build systems and what kind of team you need to build

But the secret is…. most times, we are the cause of our problem. 

We. Us. Our insecurities. Our friends we allow to speak into our lives. Our secret limitations on how much money we think we’re supposed to make, and our self-inflicted assaults on our talents…. all of that.

Taking a hard, nakedly vulnerable and honestly reflective look on your current situation and the part we played in it, is not only exceptionality painful and even privately embarrassing, it makes you question yourself to your core. Question your abilities, your path, and even your purpose. But,

 Ask yourself these questions: 

How many books are on my shelf that I spent money on but haven’t read?

How many courses did I buy last year that I didn’t take?

How many calls did I say I was going to make to develop a partnership but backed out?

Why am I still on chapter 4 of the book I was supposed to be done with?

How many times have I said I was going to hire that consultant, only to let another year roll around?

What products did I say I was going to create for my business that I’ve procrastinated on?


We’re self sabotaging. We’re our own liability. We’re holding our business and all that it could be…back, and it makes us even more scared about money and taking chances. It’s an unfortunate loop we’re in.

But more importantly, it keeps us behind, our business broke, always talking about “next year”. 


Another truth CEOs…

The last time I dipped really hard in my business,  ( no rent, depleted savings, business was my 100% full-time job and livelihood), I built my way out. I seriously had no freaking choice and I couldn’t sleep.

I vowed never to get in that place again.

I got an enormous amount of clarity, and I built.


This is what I built. 

I built products.

I built programs.

I created proposals. 

I built my confidence. 


This is what I lost along the process.

My “one way” to get it plan.

My insecurities about folks asking me ” who was I ” to put such a high price on my talent.

My need to please anyone who wasn’t in charge of my livelihood, running my business or paying my bills.

My fear of putting my knowledge out there prime, plump and ready for anyone to criticize.

My thoughts that I would never make more than 30k a year in my life.

Most importantly, I lost my need to compare myself to others whose path, stones, and roadblocks were different than my own.

I lost a lot of crap along the way.

And I plan to never pick it up again. 

And I even have the nerve to start teaching exactly how others, who are ready, who want to drop off some baggage, and want to pick up a better business, and create their way out-can do the exact same thing.

How they can build things. Build products. Build relationships that add. Build programs that showcase your knowledge. Build your confidence around your “worth”. Pick up a spare 85K simply because you “went for it”.


Yes, I’m teaching ALL of it in 3 Two hour webinars. 


Create Your Product ( May 31st 7-9pm CT ) 

Create a Database for Your Product ( June 1st 7-9pm CT) 

Create a Marketing Plan & Automated System for Your Product  ( June 4th 7-9pm CT) 

The last thing that I’ve lost along the process, is the thought that I, alone, with the talent that I possess today, and not needing anyone to award me that expert status, can use what I have, to create products and a business that pays me daily.

And, I’ll share the information with you…

Piece by piece.    Lesson by lesson.    Block by block. 


Let’s build.

If you’re ready, I’m ready.

Let’s commit to change our own lives in 2017.


Register for the May 31st Webinar Here

Get ALL three Webinars ( Bundle Price ) by Registering Here 


See you next week!

I read an article about Oprah a few years ago on how she had 4 coaches for different areas of her life and that even though SOOOOOO many consultants would offer her their services for FREE, daily, that she instead paid in full for her 4 coaches. 
Because she said that she wanted to “Own that time”.  
Meaning, she wanted the time that they worked with her to be hers and for their focus to be totally on her needs…….
As I flip through my notes and many of your emails, I get the question of either asking me to work for free ( I get very few of these now) or asking how to get people to stop asking you to work for free. 
Now, hear this, I do think that you need to get some strong client examples, testimonials and work in your portfolio- I DO think you should do that strategically, but this blog post is specifically for AFTER you’ve filled your portfolio with credible and good work. 
If you haven’t gotten any work under your belt yet, that should be your #1 priority.
Before you say that quick yes to working for free, or even get pressured or guilted into doing a free project- I want to help you understand why doing this is HIGHLY detrimental to your business. 
Reasons Working for Free is Killing Your Business
You can’t give the BEST service. We’ve all been in a situation where we absolutely knew we weren’t getting the best from someone else- be it a waiter, our stylist, etc. Then think about- if we’ve asked this person to give us the skills that they have to make a living…..for FREE.
When someone asks you to work for them for free- your mind, heart and your BEST work usually isn’t into to the project because some parts of you is 1. Resentful 2. Busy trying to find other work to make up for the work you are giving away for free. When Oprah said that she ” owns that time” that means that this professional has her appointment as a priority on her calendar, she has prepared for it, and she will deliver her best during their allotted time together.
Putting yourself in a position to not get your value, give you more work of finding a paying client to cover this one, and diluting your services to accommodate the few who aren’t truly ready to work with you ( financially) you do your business the BIGGEST disservice. 
You can’t hire help. At some point in your business, it can’t be just you working. You will hit a wall, you will stop growing and your limitations will be tested. This is usually the time that you need to rely on the skills and the help of someone else’s knowledge, expertise, or sometimes- just someone else’s day to run errands for you, help you clean etc. I see and meet many business owners who could make MASSIVE growth improvements if they could just be working on their business instead of cleaning their house 6 hours a week.
Let’s do the math…You are worth $250 an hour working, or $1000 per speaking engagement, or unlimited $$$ if you had the time to meet with a key check writer for BIGGER biz. But you’re at home cleaning the house- doing a $25 an hour job and losing roughly $225 every hour that you clean….. Let that sit with you. With my condo and now my house- it is an AWFUL use of my time to spend it cleaning, and at the end of the day- I would have a clean house and ZERO dollars….
When you let projects or your time go for free- THIS will be your life. Having to do everything, not being able to pay someone to clean your house, get your groceries, pay your coach or consultant, pay someone to run a few errands for you, or pay a virtual assistant to type up your contracts or presentations while you’re at meetings. CEOs, when you don’t charge- you can’t grow. Because you simply can’t afford to pay the people or create the team to help you grow. 
You can’t expand your business. Some of you are a coaching session, a conference or a business course away from experiencing success. So in addition to hiring help to do home or administrative tasks, you also can’t hire a coach to take your profits higher, or a producer to make your videos POP, or a makeup artists to make you look your best at your next engagement. Basically- you can’t invest to take yourself a step HIGHER.  In the beginning it is acceptable, admirable even to be a scrappy DIYer. Do everything yourself.
Then there’s that wall again. How do you get past it and make yourself stand out? How do you go a step higher? Is this the BEST that you can produce? How much does it cost to do your BEST? Finding out that is usually cost money to step it up- helps you to see now, what that one thing is that has been holding you back. It’s your invoice honey. You haven’t been using it enough 🙂 
You can’t help others. I like to say, that how can I help you if I’m broke? Doesn’t this make sense? If you truly want to help the world, give to organizations or causes you believe in or even to the people you love- YOU need to be ok. Your bills need to be paid. Your staff needs to be paid. Your business needs to be able to keep running.
I’m a SUPER give and I used to give to the point that I didn’t have the money to “re-up” or to keep my business going. Now who does this help? I might be able to help someone one time, but I couldn’t even help them in the future because I gave too much. Here is my rule, be it giving money, free speaking engagements, your time etc.
At the beginning of each year- decide how much you have to give….. Money ( put a dollar amount on it) Speaking ( quantify it- 3 free engagements? 4? ) or Time ( 2 hours a month? A quarter? You decide) Then when that allotment is done…. it’s DONE. And you should feel not one single shred of guilt about it. 
You devalue, disrespect and dilute your power. It happens sometimes by accident. But to purposely put yourself in a weaker position….. why do it? When you devalue or let someone else devalue your services…..they don’t respect it. I mean- they have nothing to lose and the only skin in the game is yours. 
A Little Help:
  • Understand your number #1 goal for pursuing this business.  Understand your financial goal and your milestone goal. Knowing, understanding and keeping these goals in front of you will help you to say a needed  “no” when you are asked to do something that goes again them. 
  • Be VERY clear on what you bring to the table AND be able to articulate it. Yep. It’s your job to tell the world not only what you do, but HOW you can help them. HUGE pitfall…..watching entrepreneurs throw out their shingle then wait for business to come. It simply won’t happen. You MUST learn how to consistently and strategically put yourself out there. A little help—> { See this video on how to put together your package }
  • Understand that you are sitting in a sea of other “professional” folks who do what you say you do. Find 2-3 ways to STANDOUT from your competition and put them in place. A little help–> { watch this webinar here for help }
  • Know that you MUST develop an ABOVE Average knowledge of marketing. Nope, you can’t avoid this area of your business. It is mandatory to understand how to get your message out there, on what platform, how to package it for that platform, how often to market, and how to measure and adjust the results. We are covering all of this starting July 6th { here 
With ALL of this said, I know that it can take a minute to get on your feet mentally and business wise, before you starting grabbing those clients that you want and you stop getting the urge to do it for free, or before you stop caving in to the ” exposure ” trap in lieu of payment….
I know this is a difficult place to be in and I can help you. I’ve been jotting down the top needs for months now and adding them in my planner. Now, I’ve taken those lessons and created a 2 week mastermind. The goal for me was to get the BIGGEST impact, in a short amount of time, with the MOST profitable results- so that you can get back to work! 
So Let’s….
Give you the room to do your BEST work by making sure you get paid  you your worth.
Put together a multi-channel marketing plan so that people know what you offer and why it matters.
Make you more money so that you can pay to get the help to grow your business-professionally.
Clearly understand what types of projects, calls and meetings deserve your time and get them on your agenda.
Let guilt and guilt trips roll off your back when you have to say no to a free project that doesn’t allow you to do your best work.
Let’s do all of this together, starting July 6th, from wherever you are in the world. Kicking off { HERE

What if it doesn’t work out?

What if I can’t handle it?

What if I lose all of my money?

What if people don’t get me or don’t like me?

What if I lose?

What if I can’t turn back?

What if, what if this turns out to be the absolute BEST ride that I’ve ever been on and I WIN…..

What if CEOs?

I just left London, and many of your know that I did a LiveStream on all things Business Strategy, but what you don’t know, is that I also used that time to have meetings with women business owners, wannabe business owners, and even a few people who feel they have very limited options.

It’s a sad feeling to talk to a couple people, let alone one who doesn’t have the luxury of choice. However, I learned that there is power in not having a choice to quit or not launch, or launch tomorrow, not learn, not hustle, not try one more time.

There is power in knowing that quitting is totally off the table and the only way out –  is to WIN.

I started Women CEO Project August 31, 2010 on a whim, a growing idea of what I wanted and needed and what I felt other women needed to be better business owners. It was exciting, growing and moving very fast, but it was on the side for me.

Then, in 2012, The White House called, brought me to DC and recognized me for my work to help women entrepreneurs…… as I walked away from an overwhelming, all day POW WOW with 39 other folks who were doing GREAT works ALL over the world…..

I had to make a decision. 

It was no longer optional for me to have this business ” on the side “.

I was in a place to make a decision about leaving what I knew- for possibilities of what I could build.

The simple act of “deciding” can totally change the course of your life CEOs.

In the next few years, Women CEO Project will experience growth and we will offer many different types of programs, events, classes, courses on and offline, and I don’t know at what point or what program you will decide to jump on the boat with me.

But what I can tell you is, I want to work with you. 

And I’ve built a new program to do it.

Yes, for 2 weeks, I want to work with you and totally MAX out what is possible for your business.

I’ve created a PRETTY detailed curriculum and have included some profitable foundations to grow not only your business, but your mindset.

This is currently my ONLY group hand in hand program and because I get SUPER engaged with each and every one of my mastermind members- I’ve limited the group to 50.

Some of the awesome entrepreneurs who were on the London LiveStream with me last week got a bonus and have already joined, so we have 50 spaces TOTAL. 

Today, for some of you who I KNOW really need it- I hope you jump with me and decide that tonight, at this moment, success is no longer optional.

The link to the Mastermind is LIVE. ALL of the details and the Agenda are HERE } and I can’t wait to see who and what’s possible on the other side.

With Great Expectations,



Come to LONDON with me!! 

Join me for a Live Webinar Jam Session that I will be Streaming from London on June 10th @12pm CT and teaching you just

” How to Master Your 2015 Business Strategy ” 


We will Work On: 

  • How to Determine Your Business Goals & Match them with Your Money Channels
  • How to Plan Money Tasks for a POWERFUL Week
  • How to Launch a 14 Day Business Strategy that Implements Your Goals
  • What Technology & Tools You Need to Run an Efficient & Effective Business Strategy
  • And ALL attendees will Receive a 14 Day Strategy Template!

I’m using a NEW, Innovative Platform to Jam with you and I’m Super Excited!!

Register Here }


Over 300 of you joined us for the LIVE 2 Week MasterClass on just “How” to Get BIGGER Business! 


We covered:

The Mindset

Your Value

The Package

and Stepping it UP!! 


And NOW, I’ve made the entire course LIVE on the website. So here are the details:



  1. Click here to Download your MasterClass Workbook
  2. Click here to Download your MasterClass Weekly Planner
  3. Click here to Download your Resource List and your 2015 Book List 

Click below to Access EACH Video Lesson:

MasterClass Intro Video

Video 1: The Mindset

Video 2: Your Value

Video 3: The Package

Video 4: Stepping it UP!! 


Now here’s something I want you to do- go to Instagram { @womenceoproject } AND/OR Twitter {@womenceo } and let us know what your BIGGEST Ah, Lesson or takeaway is- we’d totally appreciate your feedback. 


Have a wonderful week CEOs!


Good Morning CEOs!

Recently, I had been hinting at a new training coming and guess what? I’ve decided to give the New Training to my database for FREE.

Yep, because our friends get benefits- you will get this in your inbox this evening…

What will you get?

{ FREE } 2 Week MasterClass on just “How” to Get the BIGGER Deals.

Like how do you go from lil money to bigger money? How do you go from running up and down the street behind $200 projects to bringing in 5 -figures or even 6 figures?

We will talk ALL about that over the next 2 weeks. This FREE MasterClass will give you:

downloadable tools,
workbook & worksheets
action guide
resource list
and end with a LIVE Q & A on April 29th ( we will announce a pretty spectacular giveaway here)


But again, because our friends get benefits- we are ONLY sharing this FREE Course with those special VIPs in our database.

This evening, be on the lookout for the email, click the link and get started on getting that BIGGER Money.

With Great Expectations,

Need 5 minutes

kia hangout .jpg

LIVE Session TODAY in 30 MINUTES!!!


I truly couldn’t have found a better woman to speak with you about fear and finally jumping that hurdle to reach the other side of your success. 

Daily and weekly, Kia Granberry effectively leads women to find, unleash, then pursue their passions and tonight, you have her all to yourself. 

She is a minister, a Fox News Correspondent, and branding strategist. 

Tonight, in 2 Hours at 7:30-8:30pm Central,  we want to tackle it all. I’m ready, I’m excited and I want you there with us. 

We are sending out the link to join us to everyone who’s registered at 7pm tonight. So grab your seats NOW. 

I truly don’t want you to miss Kia!!!