Sold my brain....

( the pictures are from 2 of my platforms that I use to collect payments-so add them ( Paypal & Selz Jan Paypal Sales Jan 1, 20181st ) Selz Jan 1st

Yes, I Sold My Brain for $9738.41 within 24 Hours…..Well, some of my brain that is. On Dec 31st through Jan 1st for 24 hours, I hosted a sale on some of my top and most sought after content-based digital products and action plans.

There are some really powerful lessons to be learned from this sale-and I’ll break them down for you.

You’re in business or an aspiring business owner if you’re reading the Women CEO Project blog, but you just may be one of the many business owners ( specifically women ) who has trouble with a. Asking for the sale b. Asking for your worth c. Being seen as a salesperson or a person who needs and wants business.

All of these are problems and detrimental to your business. I mean, if you don’t want to be seen as a business owner who has products and services to sell, then why are we here?

Another big problem, is that you don’t have anything to sell or you’re not confident in what you have to offer. This is a BIG hindrance to being in business and it has a lot to do with you being fearful. I mean-how can you be in business if there is nothing for sale, no way to pay you and you have no offers? How can you say you want to make xxx amount of dollars for the year and there isn’t much to buy on your site? How can you say you want to be successful if all you have to offer costs about $12 and you’re scared to even market that?

Ok, let’s fix it.

You need content. You need products. You need a way to service your clients without you having to always be present. Let me give you a few tips:

  1. Research your audience. Just because you want to create something does not mean that A. Your audience wants it. B. Your audience needs it. C. Your audience would be willing to pay for it. So, you must research. I know you are wondering “how” just how Kristi do I know what my audience wants? The very first thing that you need to do-and also IMG_0982 (1)one of the most efficient tasks is to simply ask them…

    1. Ask a question and poll your audience on an Instagram Story. Instagram has gotten fancy. You can not only poll your audience, you can also see EXACTLY who voted for what. So, after you see who voted, can’t you connect with them further via DM?

    2. Ask a poll question on Facebook and/or Twitter. Each of these social media platforms allows you to ask a question and get answers withIMG_0984out paying a dime. My favorite is Twitter. You can host a poll for up to 7 days, pin it to your profile and get feedback. The only thing is-you cannot see who voted for what- but you can surely get a consensus from your audience and even passerbys.

    3. Send an email to your database. Simply ask them. What do they want, what do they need, what are they having the most trouble with, what product of yours do they like the most and what would they add to it?

  2. Package Up Your Knowledge. I know you’ve seen this before and you still may be holding back from putting your thoughts, experiences, and skills out there. There is some fear in this. Once you put yourself out there as a teacher, expert, etc. you open yourself to someone trying to counter your base of knowledge. Now, as a Mastery level educated business consultant ( MBA ) you’d think I’d never get the counter opinions right? Wrong! What I can tell you is, that there will always be opinions on what you should be doing, teaching and charging for AND if you let these opinions hold you back from creating and building products based off your knowledge-you will NEVER build a thing. Especially not a business.

    1. What do you want to teach your audience? What is your skill set?

    2. What do you want them to learn?

Start with these 2 major questions and get to creating products that help take your clients from point A to point B.

  1. Understand Your Goal for Your Content. If you are creating just to create-this is an AWESOME exercise to help you waste time and possibly money in addition to making you frustrated. We’ve all done it-created products that no one wanted. Or, we’ve created a product with absolutely no sales or marketing goal for the product. We were determined to create an ebook on xxx without putting in the research or finding out from our audience if they even wanted or could use xxx. So, it’s important to understand the reason you are creating this content AND what you want the content to do for your business.

Are you creating the content to give folks an entry into a subject, or to give them the pre-work action steps they need before they work with you? What do you want them to do with the content? Where are you trying to lead them once they finish with this content? Some of the Women CEO Project products are to lead into a deeper, more detailed product. It’s important to set some solid goals for creating your products. So, before you start typing or writing or hiring a designer, determine 3-4 goals for each product that you want to create for your audience. This will save you TONS of time and heartache and give you direction for your product.

So these 3 tips are a start to get you on the right path when you are creating your content and trust me-creating content is one of the ways that your business can successfully and efficiently scale up. But there’s more action steps and strategies needed and I’m working with about 50 of you via an Online Class ( Webinar ) on Jan 30th from 7-9pm.

During this webinar, I will walk you through the:

Creation process

Pricing Strategy

Marketing Action Steps

Systems & Hosting Platforms

To join me in this Online Class and learn more, Click HERE  and we will plan this out together!

Good Luck CEOs!

Top Coaches 1

Hi guys!

We wanted to take advantage of the wealth of talent we have here in Houston by highlighting some of our top 10 favorites in their respective fields. We’ll be rolling out different lists from various industries over the next few days. Next up, Top 10 Business Coaches, Houston!

1.     Rhonda Townsend, MBA

          –       Business Coach/Strategist. Consultant. Speaker.



2.    Chris Westfall

   US National Elevator Pitch Champion | Business Coach Keynote Speaker


3.    Terra Bohlmann, PMP

–  Business Coach for Women Entrepreneurs


4.    Kachelle Kelly

–   Speaker. Business Coach & Mentor. Author of “Boss Women & Men Pray”



5.    Kristi L. Jackson, MBA

–   Entrepreneur, Biz Strategist & Founder of Women CEO Project


6.    Charles Alvarez

–       Cornerstone Advisory & Business Coaching


7.    Grace Rodriguez

–       TED ConferencesC2 CreateCulture Pilot


8.    Michele Price

–       Business Keynote Speaker, Entrepreneurial Startup Mentor, Product Launch Strategist


9.    Mattison Grey

–     Business and leadership coach, Greystone Guides


10. Karee Laing

–    Chief Brand Motivator and Principal at Studio Brand Collective


*The list is not in any particular order of importance, and each person was found based on searches through various social media platforms, like Linked In, Twitter and Instagram. Think we missed someone? We’d love to hear from you! Don’t hesitate to let us know, and share below!

3 (1)

Are you ready to build your DREAM TEAM for 2016? Well, Women CEO Project wants to help you out starting with the wealth of talent we have here in Houston. We are highlighting our top 10 favorites in their respective fields. We’ll be rolling out different lists from various industries over the next few days and first up,

Top 10 Social Media Creatives

  1. Gabrielle Deculus

– Founder of Business Rules for Women, Development Director at Habitat for Humanity

Gabrielle Deculus Houston Behind the Grind

  1. Basya

-Artist. Creative thing. Chief harvester Pinkcilantro

Basya Houston Behind the Grind

  1. Madalyn Sklar

-Twitter Marketing Expert.

Madalyn Sklar Houston Behind the Grind


  1. Ashley Small

-Digital PR Strategist & President of Medley Incorporated

Ashley Small Houston Behind the Grind


  1. Kami Huyse

-Speaker. Founder and CEO of ZoeticaMedia

Kami Huyse

  1. Aimee Woodall

-President and Founder of The Black Sheep Agency

Aimee Woodall Houston Behind the Grind

  1. Portia Chandler

-Founder of Creative Marketing Agency Portia Chandler

Portia Chandler


  1. Fayza

-Writer. Speaker. Digital Strategist.

Fayza Houston Behind the Grind

  1. Deun Ivory

-Photographer. Art Teacher. Illustrator. Writer.

Deun Ivory Houston Behind the Grind

  1. Unique James

-Producer. Photographer. Founder of the full service production company, Compozition.

Unique James Houston Behind the Grind


*The list is not in any particular order of importance. Each person was found based on a search through various social media platforms. Think we missed someone? We’d love to hear from you! Don’t hesitate to let us know. The more the merrier!


Business Strategy

It was a SUPER ambitious goal of mine for 2015 to work with MORE entrepreneurs on their business strategy, planning and marketing.

To do this, I’ve been offering LIVE Implementation bootcamps to work hand in hand with business owners as a group and NOW, I’m offering this Intensive Bootcamp ONLINE

Sept 12th

9am to 2pm

(will be recorded) 

You can attend this upcoming bootcamp online from anywhere in the world, ask questions, download ALL of your materials, and registrants will receive the recording to replay the session as much as you need.

Most Importantly….. Take a look at what you will learn below…..

I’m introducing 2 NEW Documents created JUST for my clients:

– a Marketing Funnel Map

– a Strategic Marketing Template

Also, You will Leave Sept 12th –> Knowing These Key Strategies

  • What you want your brand to “say” so you deliver a Consistent message

  • Who your client is , so that you can ZERO in on the right person

  • Where Your Ideal Client is located

  • What your ideal client NEEDs from you

  • Niching down your Offerings so that you can deliver your ” BEST ” work

  • What marketing, social media and other digital Channels to deliver it to them

  • What are your BEST financial buckets

  • How to create funnels to fill your financial buckets ( funnel mapping)

  • What’s the BEST audience for you to speak to

  • What your 2 KEY speaking topics should be

  • How to make the MOST Profit when you show up to speak

  • The Major Components of your speaking contracts, emails, and pitching templates

  • What KEY sections should be in your NEXT Proposal

  • How to write a proposal that increases your chances of a YES

  • What organizations you should pitch your business to

PLUS I’m giving These —–>>>> BONUSES 

Digital Marketing & Social Media Tips, Tools & Strategies

Marketing Plan Review

 Money Saving Budgeting & Planning Template

 Spend vs Save Analyzer

I’ve put A LOT of information into these sessions​ so that you leave with the STRONGEST foundation possible to build or expand your business as strategically and with as much profit as possible.

The Online Strategy Bootcamp is Now OPEN

Click the link below, scroll down the site to get ALL the details, FAQs and a Few Video Testimonials…..

register now





Forty Percent of women in this country are primary breadwinners.

Women are getting married later and later or not at all, BUT are still responsible for paying their student loans, all of their bills, helping their parents…..

Fifty-six percent of women think discussing money is too personal.

Over Sixty percent of women would rather talk about health issues with their doctor than talk about money….

I could make this list all day….

When a man talks about money, he’s virile, strong, smart, progressive, innovative…..when a woman discusses money, and for that matter, getting her piece of it, she is seen as greedy, a gold digger, arrogant, over-confident, possibly even a bitch.

I’ve heard all of these words……and it’s always on a day that I woke up at 4 am, or a week that NONE of my proposals went through, or all I’m hearing is no’s and then there’s one woman or a few, who think you shouldn’t have one single day of success….

I digress….

About 6 years ago, before there was Women CEO Project, I was invited to a class, accidentally I believe, because I happen to be the only woman in the room. Not to be embarrassed, I stayed in the class, even though VERY uncomfortable, but pride happened to save me that day.

That day, I truly learned how men and women thought different about business, money, what controls their business actions and decisions.

These men discussed A/B testing ( split testing ) money, analytics, costs, profits, budgets, raising prices, millions, growth……

You get the drift.

It was a totally new experience for me and the impetus for developing my thoughts on how to focus on, look for and ask for the money I thought I deserved.

I started Women CEO Project about a year and a half later, and for many of you, you don’t know that in the OVER 80 classes we had in the first year…. I made sure each and every speaker I invited spoke about money. I don’t care if they were talking about social media, or marketing or whatever- the subject HAD to have a money angle.

I didn’t care about how good the talk made us feel, if we felt closer to each other, happier, sisterly… I wanted us to feel and be rich. 

That talk isn’t for everyone. I’ve learned that over the years. That there are some folks who really, for whatever reason, needed to feel comfortable with a group of women, but they didn’t necessarily want to thrive.

That is where the sea divided for me.

I learned there are differences in our goals, but I wanted to make it clear which side of the fence Women CEO Project focused on.

I get flack for this sometimes. Women are looking to get friends and I’m talking about getting a check.

Not just Kristi’s words, but statistically, women DO NOT like to discuss money in business or corporate. And CEOs, this is EXACTLY why we statisitcally make MUCH less than men do.

You see, these men in the meeting didn’t care that the money conversation wasn’t comfortable for everyone, they knew that they had people to provide for and goals to reach, and even through discomfort- they had to enhance, correct, and perfect their own money conversations.

Yeah, this message is long, but needed.

It’s a horrible cycle and circle. 

But, because women don’t like to discuss, ask for, or insist on their own money, they not only get paid less – they pay less, they beg more, they try to negotiate other women down to the peach meat, because they not only aren’t getting paid their worth, they also find it hard to put worth into another woman’s business.

To see women de-value other women….. it’s painful to all of us…. it MUST change. This MUST stop with us.

We MUST understand, to fix the cycle, we have start with ourselves. 

Do This…

Learn what your product is. Make sure that it is of value- not just to you, but of value to offer someone else-meaning…. How does your product benefit your potential client?

Make sure you get a handle on this.

Then learn how to market yourself the BEST way possible, across multiple channels, and do it consistently.

Put in THE WORK. Don’t try to sell your audience info from 2010. They got it by now.

I learned it at this point. That’s why I’m ALWAYS giving away. The course you take me with- WILL be my latest, my newest, my BEST education. You must invest in learning your craft THEN marketing your knowledge to a level that folks KNOW that they are out of line asking you for free…. ( but they will still ask- expect it)

Don’t pick the coach or the product that is the cheapest. Think like this- if it’s the cheapest- are you happy with the smallest return? Pick the BEST product, course, coach or program that you can at the time and DO THE WORK.

Women will talk about their husbands, their sex lives, their childhood issues….. but won’t talk about money, won’t tell folks they are struggling, or they start feeling success and won’t tell others that it wasn’t always that way.

I’ve decided I will talk about money and business and profits until women start to get comfortable with the conversation.

Get comfortable with being clear and transparent. It’s no one’s business how much you make, but when you don’t want to even approach the conversation- it’s veiled in secretacy when it doesn’t need to be. Learn how to say:

  •  In my business, I must make a profit of xx and the price I charge allows me to do this.
  •  I understand you don’t put value in what I offer, but I do, and to work with me- we will have to see eye to eye on my price.
  • Start paying prices. I’m known for not negotiating with women hard. If I even contact you- you obviously have value- so I will either pay you your worth or walk away and tell the TRUTH about why I’m walking away… because I can’t afford you at this time. I won’t walk away and try to make it look like your service is bad…. Don’t do this ladies, it gives gas to a perpetually awful cycle, insecurities, and keeping us ALL DOWN. If you can’t afford something at the time, say that. There is no shame in that. Then come back when you can pay the value.

And, for the friends and family script, get comfortable with saying….I love you as a friend, but I cannot give you my assets, my retirement, my children’s funds, my business savings, my vacation, my parent’s stipend or that bit I have tucked away so that I can stop striving and start thriving. No, I can’t give you a discount or give you something for free and sellout on ALL my other goals.

Lastly CEOs, I know, this was long, it was needed and pressing. I am seeing too much ” I chop- you chop” mentality in our sisterhood. We are to uphold, respect and grow each other- but not to the detriment of ourselves or by giving away all that we have for FREE. Let’s get comfortable with the money discussion, with seeing other women prospering and instead of speaking negativity- take her course, ask her how, find out where she is speaking, hire her as your coach, buy her book, pick up the knowledge she is dropping, but by ALL means, don’t shun her, abuse her, use her, or de-value her… She’s probably doing her best to be the best and trust me, if she’s truthful, and if you ask her, she will probably tell you, that she was in the same shoes you’re standing in, in not too distant a past…

Let’s grow.

With the Highest Expectations,


PS. The 2 Week Online Mastermind and a deeper money discussion/lesson starts VERY Soon on June 18th You have about 1 week to join us  { HERE




MUST have Digital Tools for the-2

Andddddd now we pack our lil duffle bag….. I’m hitting the road again from almost ALL of July to 4 tentatively 5 countries ALL while working, consulting, running a 2 Week Online Mastermind and hosting meetings. And as I’m organizing my schedule to be gone- I got one REALLY big question over and over…. ” How do you run your business while traveling the world?”

What I can tell you CEOs, is that it is not easy, it requires a lot of planning, some flexibility because all the planning in the world is still not without obstacles AND it’s really good to network with people outside of your immediate area ( blog post on Global Networking coming ! )

So, in addition to planning and organizing, there are some staple tools that I use to keep everything running smoothly, consistently meet with my clients,

So how do you run a full business online?


MUST Have Digital Tools for the Traveling CEO

  1. Some type of video conferencing. I like to use Google Hangouts because it can be recorded and I can do screenshare to discuss documents with my VA. I can also use it for client meetings. I also use Skype- not for client meetings so much but to make free calls to family while I’m traveling the world to save on the phone bill.
  2. Some type of cloud storage software like Google Drive or Dropbox or both. While traveling, I’m always approving designs, videos, proposals, forms and client work. There is no way I could stay on top of this without having all of our files in the cloud. Also, with all of our work files being digital- I can grab any device ( phone, iPad, iMac or Macbook) and get to work without having to bring a portable hard drive. Also- ninja tip– I save all important proposals/presentations on my iPad or laptop in the case I need to present and I find out last minute that my presentation room doesn’t have wifi ( happened to me in Chicago for a presentation in front of 300 women 🙂
  3. Software or an app to keep your calendar organized. Traveling across time zones will really have you missing meetings ! I use ScheduleOnce to make phone appointments with potential and current consulting clients – and the software makes sure that you are ALWAYS on the right time zone. This tool is a MAJOR lifesaver for the CEO who has to meet with clients online. Another GREAT tool that works with your Google Calendar and have some AWESOME features is YouCanBookMe. 
  4. Another tool to keep yourself, your team and your meetings on time even with being in SEVERAL different time zones is WorldTimeBuddy
  5. While traveling, I keep my receipts in a highly secure place ( ziplock bag) and have found that sending them in to ShoeBoxed for them to organize, file, make copies of my receipts and put into an IRS acceptable document- it BEST for me to stay ready for tax time. I learned this lesson the hard way- needing to expense a very costly piece of equipment and when I found the receipt…. the ink had worn off. Learned a hard lesson.
  6. Paypal or Stripe connected to Wave Apps. These tools allow me to get paid anytime, from anywhere, send invoices and check who has paid.
  7. Hootsuite... Seems like I’m ALWAYS on Social Media eh? Nope, 90% of my posts are planned and scheduled. I was one of their first users of the hootsuite platform and I still utilize this platform to schedule my posts. There is no way to travel, hit different time zones, and experience sketchy wifi and still stay “social ” without a good scheduling tool. Also check out Buffer and Edgar.
  8. While we are talking about scheduling, you absolutely MUST use a tool that allows you to schedule your email blasts to your audience. For the same sketchy wifi and time zone reasons your email software needs to handle this. I used to use MailChimp for a few years until our database reached over 2000- then we switched to Aweber which has more features but works very similar to MailChimp.
  9. Docusign has saved me a MANY times. The first ( and only) time that I have left the country 5 years ago with the goal of running my entire business from my iPad- I got a big deal while at the airport and about to board the plane. There I was, with my iPad, plenty of wifi, no printer, but a BIG need to make some corrections to a document- then sign it. I found Docusign then, and have used it many many times since. While you’re downloading docusign, you will also need to download some type of scanning app for your phone or iPad to copy documents and contracts on the road.
  10. A Virtual Assistant is one of the BIGGEST ways that you will be able to take your business on the road. You can find your VA in MANY ways like a referral, Elance or Upwork. The ABSOLUTE best advice that I can offer when hiring an assistant ( or any position for that matter) is to BE ORGANIZED and know exactly what you want them to do. Usually, when an assistant and an entrepreneur don’t work out- I ask, did you give her step by step  and organized instructions on exactly what you wanted done? If the answer is no- then you went into it wanting them to “figure” out what you wanted- when truly- they can only follow directions in the beginning. So a bit of advice before you jet out of town- take some time to create simple documents of what you need done and list everything the VA needs to know to help you as much as you need her to.

BONUS Tools: Many of the times that I travel, I am speaking as well, and even though it is in my contract to have a lapel mic, they don’t always have one ( or one time it was broken) so I’ve learned to have my own lapel mic. Also, you may want to purchase a portable wifi box so that you can always be connected to the internet for your presentation or for any last minute errors that you need to correct.

These are some of the MAIN tools that I use to keep Women CEO Project running and clients happy while touching as much of this world as I can. Again, the MAIN objective is to be as organized as possible.

If you have meetings at 12pm, don’t start  checking your internet connection at 11:30. If you are doing a presentation and they say that you will have wifi- get to the hotel early ( and download a copy of your presentation on your computer) just in the case that the wifi doesn’t work, they change rooms etc.

When you are on the road- you are expected to give the same presentation and quality of work and whether you are traveling or not- you MUST deliver. These tools will help you do it.

What digital tools do you use when you travel?

speaker's challenge cube

Right now, I have 2 of my private clients on a Full out Speaker’s Challenge…… They have to do’s, a deadline, intermittent goals, tips and tools. I’ve also included a 70 Point Speaker Workbook, ALL of the speaker resources, contacts, and templates in my upcoming 2 Week Online Mastermind….

While gathering this together- it occurred to me that MANY of you might want a little help in the speaking area- that you understand how powerful it can be to your business, AND you are willing to put in the work to get your name, your portfolio and your message out there. 

So here are a few tips and should you use them- you will DEFINITELY be a few steps ahead in this competitive speaking game!

Tips for Your Speaker Challenge

  1. The less topics, the better. If a speaker has 8 topics- would you feel that they are at the expert level in ALL 8? Narrow down your speaking to a FOCUSED 1-2 core messages, tangibles and perfect these 2 topics. 
  2. Yes, you will speak for free initially to build up your portfolio ( aim for at least 5 speaking engagements on your portfolio) 
  3. ONLY speak in front of your ideal audience ( your ideal client is sitting there). If it’s not in front of your ideal audience- what’s the point?
  4. Get organized with your speaking opportunities. We’ve created a  Pitch Template for the 2 Week Mastermind members, but for now, the most important thing- is to keep up with who you pitched, when, what they said, and when to follow up. The key is in the follow up. 
  5. Get a presentation template made for your 1-2 core speaking engagements- meaning, have your slides designed and ready. So if you are called at ANY time ( even last minute) , you can say YES, dust off your ready made presentation and practice your talk. 
  6. Tailor your speaking message to tangible, bulleted ways that can HELP/BENEFIT your audience. There is nothing worse than someone getting on stage- and basically doing a longer version of their sales pitch. 
  7. Create a #hashtag for your presentation. Add it to your presentation slides, and also tell the audience. This will help your speaking pictures, some video and some of your quotes travel through social media. You can also tell the audience that they can take as many pictures as they want and share it to their social media channels using the hashtag. 
  8. Ninja Tip: Think Multi-Channel, Multi-Industry and Strategically…If you speak on say ” Sales using New Media Strategies ” Don’t just focus on one industry because MANY industries need sales help. So, make a list of ALL of the organizations or associations who need “sales help”. This could lead you to bring your message to attorneys, realtors, insurance agents, travel agents, etc. etc. This tip could TRULY open up your speaking options and engagements. 
  9. Use the POWER of Linkedin. Get familiar with the meeting planners and the folks who make decisions on speakers by finding them on Linkedin advanced search and/or groups. Focusing on this social media channel can GREATLY increase your speaking opportunities. 
  10. Sometimes- it’s not about how many speaking engagements you get- but how you can get the MOST out of the speaking engagements you do get. I call the strategy ” One to Many”. I go DEEPLY, DEEPLY into this strategy in this on-demand course here. Find out 1-2 ways to get the most traction out of each speaking engagement that you secure. 

We are halfway throughout the year and these tips will get you started AND We are ONLY 12 days away from the 2 Week Online Mastermind-where we will take these speaking tips 10 levels deeper. To get details on the mastermind click here.

If you have a tip that has worked for you- drop it for us on Instagram ( @womenceoproject ) using hashtag #Speakerchallenge or in the comments below. 

slides pic- London LiveStream
Are you curious why soooooo many CEOs are walking around talking about #TANDEM ? Well, here is your chance to find out.
Many of you joined us from ALL over the world and we were able to TOTALLY break down 4 Major areas of your business that were giving a lot of you trouble and holding back your growth, your money, and that business idea that’s been on your to do list for years.
We also broke down your Money, Your Projects, the Types of Calls that should get your time too!
So below, is the Replay Link, the Slides, a Strategy Planner Spreadsheet AND a Digital Strategy Download for your purse!

{ Business Strategy Video Replay } 

thumbnail London Lifestream

{ Webinar Slides! }

slides pic- London LiveStream

{ Strategy Planner Spreadsheet } 

pic 14 day strategy planner

{ Strategy Planner Worksheets }

Day 1-7 Strategy PlannerDay 8-14 strategy planner