like a boss

You’d have to be living under a rock, 6 feet of dirt and a layer of clay to not know who Kerry Washington is right now. But if you don’t, she is the star, the starlet of the not so new record breakingly popular ABC hit show “Scandal”, and the recently named “ Best Dressed Woman” . Some of us are just now becoming familiar with Kerry Washington and many magazines, publications, and shows are shining such a timely bright light on her right now….

But what about before? Before the hit show, before getting hooked up with “the genius” writer of Shonda Rhimes. Who was Kerry before?

Whether my analysis is a tab bit over, is neither here nor there. I love to take lessons from situations so far from businesses and relate them to how we can truly be better, smarter, more strategic, and develop ourselves.

 To me, this is exactly what Ms. Washington did. I’ve been a fan of hers way, WAY before Scandal, actually since “Save the Last Dance”…. yep, that far back.

But let me tell you what I am most proud of Kerry for. This lady, this woman, she absolutely knows how to “ work it” and I want to break down to you exactly how.

If you search back for the last 10 years, Kerry’s projects are a few and definitely kind far in between, BUT, a big BUT, this lady showed up on EVERY SINGLE red carpet that counted. Not only did she show up, she showed up and kept everyone talking about her clothes and wondering when her last project was…. But she showed up, showed her face, and stayed relevant for something interesting while she developed her relationships.

She didn’t sit at home like…. I don’t have any projects working, so imma just chill out or get my name in the headlines by doing something “scandalous”, or live my private life in the public…naw, I’ll live my life private, continue to make business or career connections, and keep people talking about me for a positive reason while I chart my next project.

Kerry’s Lessons here:

  • Kerry stayed relevant by attending the BEST and most visible red carpet events, and maintaining a best dressed status at said events, keeping directors, writers and people who count-eyes on her.

  • She didn’t start partying heavily like a lot of out of work actresses we see. Without naming names, she didn’t use her spare time to host club openings or stay on the scene for things having to do with NOTHING related to acting…She stayed in the loop on things and events that could totally impact her current and future career, and I hear she is an EXCELLENT networker.

  • The time she had off from steady projects, she honed in on her craft, taking acting classes, using her time wisely and coming from “the cave” stronger. We have many examples of creative people taking a break and coming back stronger, better, wiser and with more talent than we remembered like Lil Wayne, Kayne, J. Lo, just to name a few.

  • She keeps her private life private, so you have no choice but to focus on her aesthetic appeal and her talent. Unfortunately, statistically, women in the spotlight-even a small light, have to walk a fine line between how much of their personal life they share. Kerry, in the past, and currently, walks this line quite fine.

Quick Tips:

  • Always be connecting in the RIGHT circles.

  • Even if you have some free time, hone in on your skills and get better. Don’t waste precious time in activities or doing things that separate you from your ultimate goals, EVEN if things are temporarily stagnant. 

  • Don’t make it a habit to leave home looking like crap. Start practicing daily, looking and acting like the person you dream to be- now. Take even your empty days as an opportunity to meet people. 

  • Don’t live your life out on Social Media. This is a HUGE mistake. This totally distracts people from your talent, your skills, your business and probably the brand you are trying to build.

  • And when the spotlight is on you, don’t take it for granted, be intelligent, yet humble and handle the praise you deserve and the spotlight you’re getting, like a BOSS.